1K2M takes care of all `To Dos´ of their players with great motivation and enthusiasm to enable them to keep their mind on the most important thing: Soccer! We see the career of a soccer professional in 2 phases: the “active career” and the “career after the career”. During the “active career” we develop together an individual and personalized career plan that maps out what a player wants to achieve and what it takes to get there: it is essential to take the right steps at the right time. In addition, already during the “active career” we bounce ideas with our players what they would like to do in their “career after the career” (e.g. coach, manager, sports-media, marketing, etc). Together we develop a plan to set the right impulses already during the active career to position the player in a certain direction. 


Social Media gain an increasingly important status for players, clubs, fans and sponsors. 1K2M are battle-proven experts in the area of Online Marketing and Social Media, both for players as well as for teams. We take care of a professional appearance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & so on to guarantee an energizing dialog between fans, players and clubs. 


In order to provide an optimal and highly professional support for our players 1K2M builds on a tightly woven network of well-known experts and specialists from the relevant areas: medicine, legal support, finance & tax, psychology, sports and business. .